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Mental Health Essays: Social, Economic, and Literary Contexts

A Mental health essay is a general term that can be associated with any assignments that cover the issue of mental disorders. There are many approaches to write mental health essays, which can be related to different disciplines. Accordingly, it can be stated that mental health essays are not necessarily connected to the field of medicine. This article provided by the writers from essay and math help service will attempt to provide three different approaches to write mental health essays.

Social Mental Health Essays
The social approach in writing mental health essays can be seen in analyzing mental disorders as a phenomenon in the society. In that regard, although the problem is strictly medical, the main focus to write my essay for me is in finding mutual elements, found in the impact, the consequences, and the treatment, in a way that might outline a specific trend in the society. An example can be seen in analyzing the way mental health institutions can be influential in increasing or decreasing mental health disorders.

Literary Mental Health Essays
A literary approach in writing mental health essays can be seen in taking mental health as a common theme in several works or as a background for comparison. In that regard, although the theme of mental health might not be the central one in the work, it nevertheless influences the plot and the narration. The goal of the writer is to analyze such influence, and in instances, compare with other works. Examples of works in which mental health is one of the themes are Jane Eyre, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Economic Mental Health Essays
The economic aspect in mental health essays can be seen in taking the issue of mental health as a problem of funding. In that regard, providing an analysis of the impact on the economy can be seen as one of many approaches to write such essays. Accordingly, a comparative analysis between the number of mental disorders in different countries and funding can provide an insight into analyzing effectiveness and trends in such phenomenon.

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